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Wilder and Wilder: 

Thornton Wilder before his Pulitzer play Our Town - Two Miniature Masterpieces

October 14-16 & 21-23 in the Attic at the State Theater


The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden

  The four Kirbys take a road trip to Camden. 

  They share memories, mostly good ones.

  They relish the now (hot dogs, signs, songs).

  Tensions and joy rise and fall, like waves.


The Rivers Under the Earth

  The Carters sit by a favorite lake, enjoying a summer night.

  Confessions surface. 

  Memories of struggles and loves bubble up, collide, and make new bubbles.

  Stretch or break.


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Cast, clockwise from upper right:

Kim Plummer, Laura Waldhier, Paul Marcinkevage, Josie Rose, Jeff Buterbaugh

Photo credit: Laura Waldhier