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Tempest Studios and
he Next Stage present 

Under Milk Wood
by Dylan Thomas


The Next Stage and Tempest Studios are co-producing a reading, 

                             in loving memory of Susan Riddiford Shedd and Alan Osborne


Dylan Thomas’ last work, Under Milk Wood, is a marvelous, sincere, musical journey through the dreams, fears, and desires of the inhabitants of a small Welsh fishing village over the course of a single day. 


Join us as 10 actors bring 64 characters to life in a reading of this lyrical radio play for voices.


Saturday, January 20th at 7:00 p.m. at Tempest Studios 140 Kelly Alley State College

(Where’s 140 Kelly Alley?  Right behind the Fraser Street garage.)


Familiar faces:

Five of these 10 cast members appeared in either or both of The Next Stage’s October readings.

You have seen almost all of them in one or another of The Next Stage’s main productions.


John Austin                                         Caitlin Osborne

Stephanie Gates                                  Edith Pena

Carrie Marcinkevage                           Drew Pirrone                           

Paul Marcinkevage                              Adam Swartz

Kathy Morrow                                     Laura Waldhier                                   


Directed by Michael Waldhier



Admission free, but you must reserve a seat.

Donations accepted.

Free Admission | Reservation Required
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